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Orange County Auto Suspension Repairs

If you begin to notice the road noise, vibrations, bumps and bounces while you're driving, your suspension may need some maintenance. Vehicle suspensions include many components such as springs, shock absorbers and linkages. This entire system connects the vehicle to its wheels, and contributes to your car's handling and braking along with keeping the riders comfortable and isolated from outside noise.

These goals are often at odds, which is why you need a professional mechanic like Precision Collision to fine tune the suspension for optimum performance. Some of the properties we look at in a vehicle's suspension are the spring rate, wheel rate, roll rate, weight transfer, damping and more. Along with these factors, your automobile could have a dependent suspension system or an independent suspension. Our expert technicians will make sure all of your suspension components are working properly and determine exactly what your car needs.

Whether you are in Orange, Anaheim, Fullerton or Tustin, our trained mechanics are certified to work on all makes and models of vehicles including commercial vehicles such as busses and delivery vehicles. We can also do suspension repairs on recreational vehicles. We use only factory and OEM specified parts and you will never be charged for extra repairs that were not quoted.

With nearly 30 years of auto body and mechanical repair in Orange County, California, we have built our business and our reputation by providing our customers with professional services and industry standard customer service.

The next time you start to feel those bumps in the road or road noise, don't ignore it and hope it goes away. Give us a call at 714-997-5050 to schedule an appointment or to find out more information. Make the choice that car owners in Orange, Fullerton, Tustin and Anaheim choose for their wheel alignment, Precision Collision Auto Body Centers.
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